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Our Story

From that first afternoon spent in a dive bar back in December of 2008, Travis and Heidi knew that there was something amazing between them. They were ready to take off to Jamaica and go rum tasting that day but unfortunately, Heidi had no passport. Two days later Travis called to see if she had a passport yet and was pleasantly surprised to hear that she had already taken the first steps in getting one. He said that he would like to see her again and they planned to meet up in San Francisco for their first date. The night was spent dancing and enjoying mojitos at the Starlight Room.

A few dates later (within only a couple of weeks) Travis asked Heidi to join him on a 3 month long trip to Baja that he had been planning. Being a fan of adventure and true love (and not having a clue what she was getting herself into) she decided to forgo Chiropractic school and runaway with a boy. People get to know one another pretty fast in a situation like that, discretion is out the window! And if their budding relationship survived that (we’re talking days without showers, shopping for laxatives in a foreign language, bucket toilets, lots of beans and close living quarters, Heidi being a total priss, etc…) there’s a good chance they can make it through anything together.

And after only 3 ½ years of being inseparable, Travis proposed in a dive bar. Since the moment was spontaneous, he didn’t have a ring so he used a Sharpie marker to draw a ring on Heidi’s finger. She was thrilled that she would have an interesting story to tell and he was relieved to not have to plan a big to do. It was perfect for a unique couple like Travis and Heidi.